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4 Common Types of Showers

shower types

If you are still undecided about what type of shower you are going to buy for your      home, try to understand  and search if the features of the shower reach your standards.     Keep in mind that you have to pick well  because you will be the one using it for more than      5 years. To help you more about showers, here are 4 common types shower you can buy in      the market.


    Digital Shower

    This type of modern shower utilises an electric control panel to manage the temperature and      water pressure. The controls of this shower can be placed 30 feet away so you don’t have to      worry if you think that it will get wet if you take a shower.

The feature involves choosing between a digital bath or shower head. The LED screen will      notice if you the temperature of the water reaches the desired temperature.

However, it is not a budget-friendly type of shower because it is very expensive. This      shower requires a power unit which is installed in the attic or hot press by an electrician and      plumber.


    Mixer Shower

    The mixer shower draws cold and hot water and shoves it into our respective shower heads. For some heating system such as immersion, this type of shower is not suitable. However, homes that use a low-pressure gravity system and combi boiler are compatible with it.

To develop the flow rate, the water pump should fit on a the lower pressure system. The      advantage of using this shower is that it is very easy and you only need is a plumber for the      installation.

The disadvantage of this shower is that it is also expensive like the aforementioned type of      shower. Also, when you are planning to purchase this kind of shower, you have to make a      research about it because there are a lot of type of mixer shower in the market that you can      choose from. For instance, dual control, sequential and concentric mixer shower.


    Electric Shower

    The electric shower is one of the types of showers that is most common to purchase in the store. This is because of its inexpensive price. It draws cold water and immediately heats it through an element.

This shower is considered an ozone-friendly shower because it only heats the water that is needed instead of heating the entire tank. The good thing about the electric shower is that it is independent of your boiler and heater.

So if things are not going well with your boiler, your electric shower will still be working.

       However, you can’t install this by yourself. You have to spend your money to hire a      professional electrician to do the work.


    Shower Tower

Unlike the electric shower, this type of shower is quite new in the market. When installed,      they are only mounted in the room without breaking any tile or wall. Since it is a modern      type of shower, this type of shower offers shower experience  like getting a spa-like session      because the water can be aerated. Along with it, you will have a hand held shower head and      mist sprays.

However, shower towers need a high-pressure water system. So you will have to install a water pump for it.