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5 Major Considerations When Choosing Household Taps

household taps

Choosing a new tap for your household is essential as much as choosing new wallpapers. But just like most things, you have to test out the compatibility among the other things involved. The compatibility of things matters. It is what makes them work. Together – like Sonny and Cher, Aladdin and Jasmine. If in case you are planning to build a new house for your family or if you’re thinking about renovating your fixtures, be sure that you at least have an idea on how to choose the right one. Here is a list of 5 major considerations when choosing a tap for your home.


  1. Purpose and Function.

Make sure that you know what is the use of the tap for and how it is used as. You can’t go around buying taps just because you like their color or how they look. Can you take a shower if the tap you’re using functions only for kitchen sinks? Exactly. You have to know them first – their designs may look chic but what matters is the reason for why you are buying that fixture.

  • Compatibility.

One thing to consider also when looking for a tap is the kind of water pressure system you have. There are water pressures that aren’t compatible with a certain tap. So, you have to look over the details of your water pressure system first. There is also the instance of the holes in the sinks. It is necessary for you to match the number of holes that your sinks have to ensure that you won’t have a problem with the water-flow.

  • Type and Style.

In choosing a fixture for your home, you also have to look for the characteristics of the taps. There are usually three options when choosing one, the deck mounted taps, wall mounted taps and floor mounted taps. The style of your taps then matters on what type of taps you are using. Then there’s also the tap handles to consider. You have to choose what is efficient for you to use, its advantage and the availability of the handles.

  • Durability.

The most common issue among manufacturers and consumers is the equivalent of price to the durability of a product. Consumers tend to opt for the cheaper items because they think it won’t be a waste of money if they buy the cheap items instead of the pricey ones. A word of advice, if it’s durable, the price is worth it. You waste money in the long run anyway if you keep buying because the item you purchased keeps on wearing out.

  • Materials and Quality.

Materials and quality always go together. Take note: always. The heavier the tap is, the better the quality of the materials are used. Taps made of plastics have low quality and they are offered at a very cheap price. The standard brass, which is usually used in bathrooms, have components that make them last longer than plastic taps. The DZR brass has the highest quality available in the market. This brass is considered as a resistant alloy for corrosion due to the combination of pH and the concentration of chlorides, hence the name dezincification resistant alloy.