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6 Accessible Tools for Quick Leaky Pipe Repair

leaky pipe repair tools

Your water piping system is the ones supplying your home with the domestic water. Your household chores such as cooking, washing dishes, laundering and bathing are made possible because of the water supplied by your water piping. But when this pipe leaks, it would be like a bloody combat. It will waste too much of your domestic water while it can destroy your piping system when not immediately restored. Some homeowners would directly contact a plumber to solve the problem, but plumbing experts are not superheroes that would instantly arrive in your homes after you call them. It would take them some time and you won’t have to risk your plumbing system when waiting for them. You can look for an interim remedy to patch up the leak while waiting for a plumber and stop the water from being wasted.


Here are the accessible materials you can use to patch up the leaks in your pipe.


  • Graphite pencil

You might be thinking that pencils are only for writing and sketching, but believe it or not, they can be used to patch-up a pinhole too even when it can only stay in the hole for a short time. Just sharpen a graphite pencil and prod it into the hole and break it, making sure that its pigment tip stays perfectly in the hole. The pigment tip will stop the flow of water but only for a short time. Wrap it up with a duct or electrical tip to avoid the pigmented tip from popping out before the plumber arrives.


  • Epoxy compounds

Epoxy compounds are accessible to many convenient stores. This is the easiest way to patch-up a leak. This is usually activated by kneading the two components together and patching it up in the leak. Let it cure according to its curing time and check if the leak is perfectly sealed by running the water again. You can apply a mixture once again when needed.


  • Pipe clamps

Pipe clamps are commonly known as pipe clamps or pipe brackets. They are usually used on aircrafts and submarine engines giving you the assurance that they are durable enough to keep your broken pipes intact. They can also be used for quick hose and pipe installations and are guaranteed to be a long term


  • Pipe wraps

Pipe wraps can be used to reinforce your pipes, avoid leaks in your piping system and to prevent corrosion from your exterior pipe walls as well. This will be wrapped around your commercial and industrial pipes to temporarily get rid of the leak before a plumber arrives. This can be used to insulate your pipes as well.


  • Repair sleeves

Repair sleeves are composed of two semi-circular metals that are joined and tightened together by a screw around the pipe to seal leaks and to keep your broken pipes intact. Wrap it around your gasket-wrapped leaky pipe and tighten the screw until it perfectly fits the leaky pipe to ensure a secure reinforcement.


  • Rubber pipe connectors

These tubes have flange ends and they contain bolts holes in order to accommodate steel flanges. Helical wire reinforcement may not be needed to furnish them. You can utilise these pipe connectors to avoid water spillage and stinky smells in your homes.